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Planning Ahead

Planning a Funeral That Engages Friends and Family Far and Wide

Your complete guide to creating a meaningful and inclusive experience that allows everyone near and far to participate and pay their respects.

When a loved one passes away and has friends and family scattered across the globe, planning a funeral that allows those near and far to participate can be challenging.

However, with the help of technology and thoughtful arrangements, it's possible to include them in the services and create a meaningful farewell. In this guide, we'll explore various options for ensuring that everyone can take part in honoring the life of your loved one.

Livestream the Funeral Service

Livestreaming the funeral allows distant friends and family to watch and participate in real-time. The live stream can be accessed via a private link or password, offering an added layer of privacy. The service can also be recorded, providing an opportunity for viewing at a time that suits those unable to attend the live event.

Pre-Recorded Video Messages

Encourage distant loved ones to record video messages or tributes that can be played during the funeral service. These heartfelt messages can provide comfort and allow them to express their condolences.

Virtual Memorial Gathering

Host a virtual memorial gathering on platforms like Zoom or Skype, where friends and family can come together to share stories, memories, and support one another.

Online Memorial Pages

In the age of digital connection, we understand the value of creating a space that transcends physical boundaries. To facilitate this, we host online memorial websites for your loved one, providing a platform for sharing memories, condolences, and stories.

Under the obituaries section of our website, you'll find a dedicated memorial page for each loved one we serve. These pages are designed to be more than just an announcement of passing; they are a celebration of life, a lasting tribute that can be accessed and contributed to from anywhere in the world.

Viewers are encouraged to post photos, share stories, and express condolences. This interactive feature turns every memorial page into a virtual gathering place where friends and family can come together in remembrance.

These online memorials are not just for immediate mourning; they serve as an enduring digital legacy. Long after the service has ended, these pages remain, allowing new memories and stories to be added over time. This ensures that the life of your loved one continues to be celebrated and remembered, no matter where or when someone may wish to pay their respects.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Organize a candle lighting ceremony during the funeral service, where each participant, whether present or remote, can light a candle in memory of the deceased.

Digital Guestbook

The memorial websites we host for each loved one also serve as a digital guestbook, allowing distant loved ones to leave messages, photos, and virtual flowers.

Collaborative Slideshow

In our quest to provide a meaningful and personalized commemoration of your loved one's life, we offer the unique service of creating tribute videos. These videos are not just a montage of moments; they are a heartfelt narrative that encapsulates the essence of the individual.

We invite friends and family to contribute to this narrative by submitting cherished photographs and shared memories. These submissions become the building blocks of the tribute video, each piece contributing to a beautiful narrative of a life well-lived.

These tribute videos can be displayed during the visitation and funeral service, providing a visual journey through the life of your loved one. It allows attendees, both present in-person and virtually, to reflect on the joy, love, and unique qualities that made your loved one special.

Beyond the service, these tribute videos are shared on your loved one's dedicated memorial website. This offers an opportunity for those who may not have been able to attend the service to partake in the celebration of your loved one's life.

Send Memorial Keepsakes

Consider sending memorial keepsakes, such as a program, a small piece of funeral flower arrangements, or a memorial candle, to distant loved ones, allowing them to feel connected to the service.

Arrange for a Local Memorial Event

For distant family members who are unable to attend the main service, encourage them to organize a local memorial event, where they can watch the livestream together and offer their support to one another.

Follow-Up Gathering

Plan a follow-up gathering or virtual event a few weeks after the funeral to check in on distant friends and family, share memories, and offer continued support.

Coordinate Time Zones

When scheduling virtual events or livestreams, consider time zones to ensure that distant loved ones can participate without inconvenience.

Share the Recording

After the funeral, share the recording of the service, speeches, and eulogies with friends and family who may have missed the live event.

In an age of advanced technology and connectivity, there are numerous options for including distant friends and family in funeral services. By leveraging live streaming, video messages, virtual gatherings, and collaborative memorial platforms, you can create a meaningful and inclusive experience that allows everyone to participate and pay their respects. These options provide comfort, support, and a sense of unity during a difficult time, ensuring that even those who are far away can be part of celebrating the life of your loved one.

Plan for the future, today

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.